Have your written your good-bye letter?

The Daily Prompt says write a note for those who come after you. No matter what your age, doing a goodbye letter strengthens your #emotionalintelligence. So does a good laugh:

Maxine cartoon about butt jiggle

Probably violating the copyright on this one, but the laugh has been worth it. Hope you enjoy..

EMOTIONAL FITNESS Thoughts and tips

Those of you under thirty probably like the saying “Live fast, die young, leave a beautiful corpse.”  That is one way we deny the very human fears about the great unknown.  Faith in heaven and hell are yet other ways. Not bad, denial has its advantages. However, the older we get the more we cannot avoid thoughts of what ultimately awaits all.  

Reality check. Death is more certain than taxes.  The most we can do is live as good a life as we can so we leave at least part of the world a bit better because we were here.

STAy Strong

Writing a good-bye letter sounds grim, but actually is a strength building emotional fitness exercise.  For all our loved ones and most particularly if we are a  parent or grandparent, a goodbye letter keeps the love going and becomes a source of ongoing caring.  The bonus for you? Reflecting on your life, your loves, where you have been, what you have done, as well as what you feel you are leaving undone is a powerful self-awareness tool.  Self-awareness is key to strengthening your emotional intelligence.

Writing a good-bye letter is one of the exercises discussed at greater length in my book Know Your Mission So You Can Reach Your Goals . And yes that is a plug. But here are four  quick steps to writing such a letter.

  1. Start with the basic facts.
  2. Do a paragraph on what you are proud of what.
  3. Do a paragraph about what you wish you had done better.
  4. End with forgiving yourself and others, expressing your love, and your hopes for a better world or life for those you leave behind.

Click here to read some goodbye letters. These will bring you to tears.

Then, as the saying goes “Just do it.” When done,  put it where it will be found.

Added suggestion: At the end of each year bring your letter out, dust it off, and revise or add to it.

Another suggestion: Keep the old ones as a sort of mini-life review.


Thank you for all you do, particularly for liking or sharing EFTI’s ideas about staying emotionally strong. Emotional Fitness Training is my third child and needs nurturing.  It takes lots of help to launch such a child and every like or comment helps. 


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