EFT: Tool Box

If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.

 Abraham Maslow

 EFTI’s tool kits are a collection of ideas, factual material, and resources.  Our tool kits are works in progress. What we want to offer people are posters and templates and inspirational tools that they can download, print out and use to reach their emotional fitness goals. They are A4 in size and so, easily printed on your home printer.

Explanations for many of these tools are found in my eBooks and books


These zip folders have been put together to provide readers of my
eBooks with Tool Kits that are easy to download and use. They are
filled with posters that compliment the lessons in the eBook they are
associated with. Click on the name of the eBook you own to download
its associated Tool Kit.

How to Hold Successful Family Meetings

Know Your Mission So You Can Reach Your Goals

Self-Soothing – Create Calm in Your Life

Twelve Easy Emotional Fitness Exercises to Tame Mad, Bad, and Sad Feelings

some sample tools

What follows is a short collection of some tools.  The first two are useful for improving both your feeling awareness and your ability to measure feelings – two important emotional fitness skills.   The first is a general feeling thermometer.

This simple tool is an effective conversation starter for parents to use with their children to help them put feelings into perspective. It’s also a great check-in tool, to self-assess how you feel. Download this free General Feeling Thermometer poster for you and your family. For details on how to use a Feeling Thermometer, take a look at this Wiki-How (written by Katherine). You can alo use this template to create your own:

Complimentary to this is the Feeling Log template, which is a tool you can use to get to know your feeling and triggers.

The next is a Feeling Traffic Light used to measure the build up of stress and anxiety.  It identifies when anxiety enters your life, and then when it is about to take over, so you can take a time out before you hit get into a stress emergency.

Anxiety Traffic Light Poster

A number of 0ur posters are what we call motivational posters.  This Stay Strong Poster  quickly reviews the 12 Daily Exercises and reminds you to practice them off and on throughout the day. Wondering what it all means? Here is a summary.

And here is another version of it:

And another:

Then there are our Quote Posters.  These serve to inspire you to remember what matters.

Finally there are our samples and templates. What follows are those related to our newest Ebook, How to Hold a Successful Family Meeting.

Family Meeting Agenda Template. Hang this on the fridge or family noticeboard between meetings.

Family Meeting Note Sheet: This handy sheet can be used by the adult running the Family Business Meeting to keep the meeting on track. This is especially handy when running the meetings is still new and the flow of the agenda hasn’t been established yet.

Family Meeting Minutes Template: Have this on hand for your meetings. Take notes, record decisions. File it away as a record.

Family Meeting Rules and Statement Examples: What is the purpose of your Family Meeting? Get things focused with an Opening Statement, Rules and a Closing Statement. This print out provides some examples.

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