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Ever post or quote something somewhere and then discover later your passion lead you into believing and sharing propaganda.  I just did. Shame on me.

Quotes about propaganda

What was my mistake? Sharing  a post on Facebook without fact checking it first. The post spoke to my heart and I was rushing and fact checking takes time.  Even after being called to task when I tried to  fact check  my efforts only revealed a partial story.

I was ashamed of myself, however. Shame always asks us to hide our flaws. What shame is supposed to do is to keep us from doing the unthinkable. Shame also asks us to hide, to sink from sight, and to keep our wrong doing secret.  Emotional intelligent gurus all say in most cases the way to deal with a negative feeling is to act against its urging.  In terms of shame that means not hiding and admitting when you did wrong.

How the deception worked in this case using a  picture from one story to get you to read a different second story.  The headline made it seem the picture was related to the second story and it was not.  Moreover, when I checked the second story it seemed that the facts in it possibly true, but it was impossible to ferret out the truth.  Sigh.

A friend who  had seen the original picture in their local newspapers and knew the story it related to corrected my version, and did so politely.  Others were not so polite.

Either way  I did what I should have done before sharing. I fact checked  and came up with the how I had let my passions lead me astray.  Then, I re-tracked the post and apologized.

Those who know me well , were supportive and I am grateful for their seeing the whole me and forgiving my mistake.

Tip one: The more your passions are aroused, the more you might be in Sneaky Hypnotism’s control.

Tip two: Practice forgiveness when you or another get caught in passing along propaganda. We all do.

Tip three: Be transparent about your bias.  Anyone who knows me knows I am passionately pro-Israeli and anti-violence. They should also know I do not think defending yourself from killer attacks is violence.

Tip four: Apologize when you err and that means retracking false information as well as saying you are sorry. 

Tip five: Make amends. This post is one of my efforts to do so.

Tip Six:  As always work to improve your critical thinking skills. 


Applying this WordPress daily prompt to today’s post   Easy Fix  – Write a post about any topic you wish, but make sure it ends with “And all was right in the world.”  See my answer at the bottom of this post.


Parenting tip one: Teach you children critical thinking skills and do so being aware of age and stage. This previous post details some ways to do that.

Parenting tip two: Teach your children to take responsiblity for their mistakes. Mistakes are for learning.

Parenting tip three: Teach your children to how to apologize,

Parenting tip four: Teach your children how to practice forgiveness.

Parenting tip five: Teach your children  how to  make amends. 


Keep working to stay strong, I work hard to do the same . As noted above I often fail. I am not perfect, not one is and that is the subject of Monday’s blog post.




Don’t think you can afford a life coach? Like a life coach, EFTI’s poster coaches inspire, teach, motivate, and reinforce thinking about what matters.  To use, print up in color and post there it will be seen often.  Poster Coaches can also be used at  Family Meetings to start a discussion about what matters.


Ending any activity with the hope that all will be right with the world is useful and dangerous.  Useful because it build hope and comforts. Dangerous because it can lead to ignoring and not working on what needs to happen to make wrongs right.



This ad drives me crazy. It represents one of the most prevalent uses of Sneaky Hypnotism on the media.

Experts need to create doubt about your ability to get by without their help.  Otherwise no one would seek their services.  Can you see how this one uses Sneaky Hypnotism to do that?

Here’s my take.  Using a  child asking super smart questions creates doubt in the father about his smarts. Will do the same in a viewer. Then, of course, the ad is designed to create worry about the future, specifically a family’s financial security. The very use of the word Expert is hypnotizing. Finally, the motto “Own your tomorrow” points you to the future, which can and often does pull a person into a mild trance state..

Tip one:   Be aware.  That is what Emotional Fitness  Training’s Sneaky Hypnotist’s Posts are all about. That is also why I have made this month Sneaky Hypnotism Month.

Tip two: Learn all you can about hypnotism.  Knowledge is power.

Tip two: Find an ethical hypnotist that can teach you self-hypnotism. One of the suggestions you can give yourself is to never go into a trance at someone else’s suggestion.

Tip Three: Watch the ads, as I do, for Sneaky Hypnotist tricks. Doing so improves your thinking skills and awareness if who or what thoughts are trying to control you mindlessly.


Parenting tip one: Children are smart, but often seem smarter than they really are.  Understanding how a child thinks at different ages and stages remains a major parenting task. This is particularly true when it helping a child code reality – which strengthens him or her against Sneaky Hypnotists. Here is a quick summary about how children think as they grow.

  1. Infants do not think, they take in information.  
  2. From ages 2 to 7, children think, but magical Fairy Tale Thinking.  At these ages, a child believes toys are real, thoughts are real, the people on movie or tv screens are real, dreams are real. We encourage  such thinking when we promote Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, Tinker Bell, Ghosts and Goblins.  These are already in a mild trance state.  Encourage thinking about reality more than joining in the fantasy.  Easy enough to do by calling play “play,  make believe, “make believe,” and wishes “wishes.”  The child won’t care or know the difference at first, but in time will understand the concept. 
  3. About six or” a bit later: Personal Knowledge Thinking begins. The child stops believing in  fairy tale thinking and starts believing in what the gurus call the concrete. That means what the child has personally experienced, particularly things s/he can touch play the biggest role.  However, what the voices of the grownups in the child’s world teach and preach also plays a part.
  4. From the early teens on: Deep Thinking.  As the teens approach, more and more youth become able to think about personal knowledge and compare it to other people’s knowledge. This is essentially what abstract thinking is about – comparing thoughts with differing thoughts.   Teens, however, tend to lack the kinds of experience that lead to wise behaviors.

Parenting tip two: Praise learning, trying and not general smartness.  Why?  Some kids praised too much for being smart get hypnotized into  thinking they know all they need to know.  Not being sceptical about what you know makes you easier prey.

Parenting tip three: Teach your child to meditate and  as you do embed a suggestion that the child is the one bringing about this type of trance state, not anyone else. 

Parenting tip four: As you child moves toward adolescence, discuss Sneaky Hypnotism.

Parenting tip five: Use the media to get your child to spot Sneaky Hypnotism efforts of the ad people.


Apply this WordPress daily prompt – to today’s post. What was the last picture you took? Tell us the story behind it. (No story behind the photo? Make one up, or choose the last picture you took that had one.)

See my answer at the bottom of this post.


Keep working to stay strong, I work hard to do the same as life is often difficult, relationships painful, dreams lost. Staying strong and practicing the Daily Twelve Emotional Fitness Exercises keeps me better able to practice deliberate kindness.




Don’t think you can afford a life coach?  Our poster coaches are free. Browse the EFTI Store for one.  Like a live coach, all remind you to practice what matters, some offer inspiration or laughs,  others tips, exercises and tools to improve your emotional intelligence.

To use as a coach, download the poster you pick,  print it up , preferably in color and on card stock, and post where you will see it regularly.  When you see it, take a calming breathe, focus for a few moments on the poster, take another calming breath and then go about your day.

MY ANSWER TO IMPROVE YOUR THINKING SKILLS –  The last picture and this post?  Pictures are part of how we think, how we day-dream, how we get into a trance. Many of the pictures controlling our mind are sent by those selling something.  Good and bad, pictures are a form of Sneaky Hypnotism sending a message that your brain often absorbs without conscious awareness.  Being aware of all the tricks used by Sneaky Hypnotists reduces their power.

Stay strong, it takes work but EFT makes it easier


King inspired us, and now the haters darken his memories. Stop hate from joining King’s quest for justice by practicing Deliberate Kindness.
Go Beyond Random Kindness
This  story was told at an Alternatives to Violence Project  workshop.  It demonstrates the power of kindness. On her way home from shopping after work one evening, a woman heard footsteps following her.
Then someone was right behind her almost breathing down her neck. turned, smiled and thrust her shopping bag in to the hands of a young man and said cheerfully, “Thank you so much for being there, I didn’t think I would make it home without help. This bag is just too heavy for me to manage.”
He walked her home, left her at the door, and walked away with a bemused smile on his face.
Here’s a link to  similar story by Terry Dobson of how kindness brought a violent drunk to calm.
WARNING: A few hypnotized by hate are not turned away by kindness, but spurred on.  Why I always suggest two other tools for staying safe.
The first: Get a dog,  and if you live where you are might be the subject of violence, or a break-in,  a trained guard dog works best.  I could walk the mean streets of the Bronx after dark because I had a mean looking dog at my side.
The second: Take a self-defense coouse from a Peace Dojo. Here is a link to an article from my personal Peace Dojo.   and here is a link to Peace Dojo’s International 
Sadly, violence seems to be growing and not in ways, King would want. What to do? Keeping doing all you can to protest injustice, but do so peacefully.

Parenting tipS

Teaching kindness to children

A WARNING AND FINAL PARENTING TIP:  Practicing kindness toward bullies is best done from a position of strength and self confidence.  Self-defense training builds such strengths.  See the links above.


Apply this WordPress daily prompt –to today’s post.  Re-springing Your Step:  Tell us about the last experience you had that left you feeling fresh, energized, and rejuvenated. What was it that had such a positive effect on you?

See my answer  at the bottom of this post.

Thank you for all you do

Keep working to  stay strong,  I work hard to do the same as life is often difficult, relationships painful, dreams lost.  Staying strong  and practicing the Daily Twelve Emotional Fitness Exercises keeps  me  better able to practice deliberate kindness.





Re-springing my steps:  The spring in my steps comes easiest when my efforts to practice deliberate kindness lights up someone else’s face or makes them laugh.  My face also glows when I see someone has liked or commented on one of my posts. Deliberate Kindness is gift you give yourself.


Martin Luther King, Jr. had a dream and many of us shared his dream; he was hypnotizing and as these quotes show for the good of all.

King quotes

I talk about Sneaky Hypnotism, but ask you to remember it is a tool and all tools can be used for the right reasons or the wrong ones.  My goal is increase your awareness so you will be protected, but also  so you be aware of your own use of hypnotic tools and to model King’s use of them – for the good of all.


Practice Deliberate Internet kindness by liking,  commenting or sharing  posts. I feel good when I support my internet friends. Even small kindnesses strengthen you and those you bless with your sharing and caring.

Thank you for all you do.  Work at staying strong until next time,. I work hard to do the same as life is often difficult but staying strong lets me find the good.



WordPress daily prompt response –Brain Power – Let’s assume we do, in fact, use only 10% of our brain. If you could unlock the remaining 90%, what would you do with it?

Exactly what I am doing now, only probably with more success. Emotional Fitness is about using your brain; the more you use it the better your life.