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How To Build Peace Within – 3 Tips

Life can be a whirl wind, blowing you every which way. With these three Emotional Fitness Training, Inc tips, you can find peace within. Tip one:

Tips for finding peace within..

Building peace within takes time and practice. the sooner you start, the better.

Dr Anders Ericsson, expert on what it takes to be a star in any field,  said  it takes 10,000 hours (20 hours for 50 weeks a year for ten years = 10,000)  of deliberate practice to become an expert in almost anything.

The good news? Emotional Fitness Training’s (EFTI) exercises promote starring in your life, not on the stage or the athletic playing field. Each exercise strengthens your Emotional Intelligence (EI) and that has been proven to be more important than IQ, social class, or wealth in getting to the good life.

More good news:  Good enough gets you there when it comes to everyday life.

And more  good news: Emotional Fitness Training’s (EFTI) Twelve Easy Exercises  turn everyday happenings into exercises that strengthen your EI. To be most helpful each exercise must be practiced with full awareness or with what Ericsson calls deliberate practice.

That is done by meditating before and after the exercise.  Sound too difficult?  Not once you have learned and practiced  EFT’s One Minute Meditation.

A One Minute Meditation designed to give you time to remember what matters

Once you have mastered this, use it to make your practice of EFTI’s exercises deliberate. OMM before  and after the exercise.  The first four steps are a Calming Breath and can be taken to re-establish during an exercise if you become aware your mind is wandering.

And a final bit of good news: Most of you already practice some of the exercises that built emotional intelligence.

FG staying strong

Note: The Mission refers to every person’s responsibility to make their part of the world more peaceful and help bring peace on earth.


Emotional Fitness Training Tip One: Practice the OMM until you can do it comfortably and without having to read the exercise.  That takes as little as five times for some, twenty-five for others.

Emotional Fitness  Training  Tip Two: Review the list of exercises above and add those you do not already practice one by one, until you are doing one or another throughout the day.  This was why each was designed to be practiced in minutes. Even move your body can be practiced as a one minute stretch.

Emotional Fitness Training Tip Three: Be patient but diligent, peace will come.  For more detailed tips about bring peace to you buy my book: Self-soothing to Create Calm in your life. As always my ebooks cost less than a latte or a movie and have more value.


This quick video shows how a teacher taught her children to meditate. It will help you teach your kids. A good time to practice is right after the bed time story. Daniel Goleman’s Breathing Buddies


Remember sharing is caring and the easiest way to practice kindness is to share this post if you found it helpful. Share it even if it doesn’t speak to you, it will speak to some. Didn’t like it? Comment and tell me why and how to improve.


This post was not inspired by this WordPress Daily Post  Middle Seat – It turns out that your neighbor on the plane/bus/train (or the person sitting at the next table at the coffee shop) is a very, very chatty tourist. Do you try to switch seats, go for a non-committal brief small talk, or make this person your new best friend?

However, remembering what matters, I would practice kindness and listen for a while, and then as nicely as possible I would eventually, say “I need to nap” and put on my eye shades and nap out.  An alternative might be “I need to finish this book as I have to write a review to get into the mail tomorrow.”


These links are for those not familiar with Emotional Intelligence or the idea of Emotional Fitness.




A post about the  need to recognize the universal morality.  There is one that crosses all cultures.

#emotionalintelligence building blog post.Remembering what matters

As with all Poster Coaches used in an EFTI post, this one can be downloaded for free at  the EFTI Store.


Harvard human development guru, Jerome Kagan did a study that showed all cultures promote two values: caring for the less abled and fairness a provided by a system of justice.

Why then war?  Because the values apply  only  to the in group, your tribe, or your family.

emotional fitness tip

Obviously, if there is going to be peace on earth we must become one tribe and accept the  universal values must be applied to all. No tribes, no special groups, no difference between family and others;  no others.

What can you do to bring that about? That is what today’s tips are about.

Tip one: Assume that once everyone sees everyone as a tribal or family member, peace will be more possible. Strive to understand all religions, all cultures.

Tip two: Be aware that as with families, some religions, cultures, individuals are not interested in peace and might view you and yours as targets.

The Twisted Thought error dubbed The Curse of Personal Knowledge operates in those who are violent and those who are not.  The violent will do to the non-violent what the non-violent never think of doing. Dangerous.  Why bullies have power.

Tip Three: Staying safe must be a priority for all and that means defending against the violent.  One of the reasons EFTI thinks all children should be enrolled in Peace Dojo Karate courses.  Adults not trained in self-defense need to do the same. 

Tip four: Challenge all beliefs that promote violence other than self-defense and yes that is sometimes hard to figure out, but not always. Religions that speak of damnation for non believers, excessive nationalism, and even sports events that promote winning with a “Kill ’em” need challenging. If you do not protest, you agree.

Tip five:  Find peace within.

This post was inspired by this Word Press Daily Prompt: Daily Prompt: West End Girls  Every city and town contains people of different classes: rich, poor, and somewhere in between. What’s it like where you live? If it’s difficult for you to discern and describe the different types of classes in your locale, describe what it was like where you grew up — was it swimming pools and movie stars, industrial and working class, somewhere in between or something completely different?

The basic idea was to talk about cultures and promote diversity.  I grew up 70 some years ago in a small town where “Everyone knew my face” as the song goes. I could and did roam the streets in relative safety. For a while I thought my mother was a witch, because when I would come home from my rambles she always knew where I had been. Now I know it was an old fashion safety watch.

I was part of the “privilege white class” but also lived through the Civil Rights Movement and became aware of my privilege and became a Civil Rights activist.

I was blessed in many ways and am grateful.


As always thank you for all you do to support EFTI’s efforts to help others stay strong. Kindness is karma and comes back to bless you. Care and share.



My Brave Old World

Daily Prompt: Interplanet Janet Design your own planet. We would not need a new world if we followed the sages of the ages’ advice. Bring peace on earth and improve your #emotionalintelligence. 

#emotionalintelligence building blog post.Remembering what matters

STAy Strong

You can get a digital copy of the Remember What Matters Poster  free at the EFTI Store.  Download it and post it where you will see it throughout the day. Every time you see it, take a calming breath to think about what matters most.  

Thank you for all you do, particularly for liking or sharing EFTI’s ideas on the internet. 


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As we head into the New Year, this is my reminder to think about what matters and try a little harder to bring peace to your heart, to those around you and to the world.  That is my resolution.

Parenting tip PRAISE

I know not the full identity of the higher power or powers above and around us.  I do know that love of all creation is the light  shine on, in, around us, and leads us to peace.  Search within and you will find it without.

For all you have given me, thank you, your lights brighten my world.