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Freedom for all

This is Passover week. Passover celebrates the first recorded emancipation from slavery.  Whatever your religion working for freedom for all matters most.

Moses as politician

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When we limit freedom to those we cherish, we enslave our hearts and souls. When we are silent in the face of oppression, we oppress all others.   Only when all work to protect liberty for all will there be Peace on Earth.

Thank you all for all you do to care and share with others. Doing a little matters a lot. Doing more matters more.


This post relates the Word Press Daily Prompt that asks: Tell us your funniest relationship disaster story. Not telling a funny one.  Passover is the story of straying from all that matters and that according to the Jewish God means pursuing Tikkun Olam which is Hebrew for repairing the world. Practicing deliberate kindness is how one pursues Tikkun Olam daily.

The tale of Passover is how straying from a loving relationship with the Source of all things dooms human kind.

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freedom for all

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Torah Thursday Parshat Tazria

Each week Jews study a different portion or Parsha of the Torah.   Each Thursday I share a Parsha discussion from one or another Rabbi.

Receiving the Torah at Mount Sinai

Receiving the Torah at Mount Sinai

This week’s discussion is by Rabbi Schlmo Riskin of Efrat, Israel.  Read the complete  discussion here.   As he notes, the subject is a difficult one and deals with the laws of sexual purity and circumcision. He offers these interpretations:

…Rabbi J.B. Soloveitchik’s important work Family Redeemed …interprets the opening chapters of Genesis as a crucial lesson to humanity concerning the spiritual potential as well as the destructive danger of the sexual act…. the classical commentator Rashi understands the fruit of knowledge of good and evil as possessing human nature libido, eroticism and lust rather than the expression of love and the reproductive powers which were initially imbedded in human nature…Tragically, the life-force which is granted by God through the sexual organs can often degenerate into decay and death when those very sexual organs are misused.

To me this Parsha speaks of the need to move beyond the press of personal desire,  sexual release being one of the strongest,  toward a broader concern for the other and that must include all others for the Source sees us as one.

Stay strong

The more deeply we understand the beliefs and ways of all, the more likely we are to find common ground for moving the world toward peace.

Many have turned away from religion or from a belief in God and precisely for the reasons cited in this weeks Parsha – fulfillment of personal desires.  I believe many who do so destroy the possibility of peace on earth.  How? By seeing only bad theology, and not the wisdom that can be found in all religions.

As always thank you for all you do. Share and care as it is one of the paths to peace for all.




A post about the  need to recognize the universal morality.  There is one that crosses all cultures.

#emotionalintelligence building blog post.Remembering what matters

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Harvard human development guru, Jerome Kagan did a study that showed all cultures promote two values: caring for the less abled and fairness a provided by a system of justice.

Why then war?  Because the values apply  only  to the in group, your tribe, or your family.

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Obviously, if there is going to be peace on earth we must become one tribe and accept the  universal values must be applied to all. No tribes, no special groups, no difference between family and others;  no others.

What can you do to bring that about? That is what today’s tips are about.

Tip one: Assume that once everyone sees everyone as a tribal or family member, peace will be more possible. Strive to understand all religions, all cultures.

Tip two: Be aware that as with families, some religions, cultures, individuals are not interested in peace and might view you and yours as targets.

The Twisted Thought error dubbed The Curse of Personal Knowledge operates in those who are violent and those who are not.  The violent will do to the non-violent what the non-violent never think of doing. Dangerous.  Why bullies have power.

Tip Three: Staying safe must be a priority for all and that means defending against the violent.  One of the reasons EFTI thinks all children should be enrolled in Peace Dojo Karate courses.  Adults not trained in self-defense need to do the same. 

Tip four: Challenge all beliefs that promote violence other than self-defense and yes that is sometimes hard to figure out, but not always. Religions that speak of damnation for non believers, excessive nationalism, and even sports events that promote winning with a “Kill ‘em” need challenging. If you do not protest, you agree.

Tip five:  Find peace within.

This post was inspired by this Word Press Daily Prompt: Daily Prompt: West End Girls  Every city and town contains people of different classes: rich, poor, and somewhere in between. What’s it like where you live? If it’s difficult for you to discern and describe the different types of classes in your locale, describe what it was like where you grew up — was it swimming pools and movie stars, industrial and working class, somewhere in between or something completely different?

The basic idea was to talk about cultures and promote diversity.  I grew up 70 some years ago in a small town where “Everyone knew my face” as the song goes. I could and did roam the streets in relative safety. For a while I thought my mother was a witch, because when I would come home from my rambles she always knew where I had been. Now I know it was an old fashion safety watch.

I was part of the “privilege white class” but also lived through the Civil Rights Movement and became aware of my privilege and became a Civil Rights activist.

I was blessed in many ways and am grateful.


As always thank you for all you do to support EFTI’s efforts to help others stay strong. Kindness is karma and comes back to bless you. Care and share.




A blog post for thinking about what matters.  Doing so improves your emotional fitness, but also helps you stay on track for honoring The Mission. What is the Mission? All sages and religions agree The Mission is treating others as we want to be treated. Here is video by the Aish Denver Young Rabbis known as the Joi Rabbis that discusses what matters and The Mission.

Remember to find time every day for Thinking About What Matters, and when your version of the weekend comes, expand that time. Some do it with religion, which is an important emotional fitness life-line for many. For me that means studying Torah over the weekend. If I cannot go to shul, I can read Torah and books that help me think about what matters. For those who are not religious, it might take an extra effort to focus on what matters. That is why I propose finding daily quiet time and extended quiet time when life gives you a weekend.

As is my custom, here is my Shabbat reminder. The blessing is one I heard as a child when I attended Christian services.  That made me aware of some of the universalities of much religious thinking.  Later I discovered that all philosophies and religious urge treating others as you want to be treated.

May you walk in peace and may the light of love shine in and through you, now and forever

No matter what your beliefs about a higher power, a day devoted to a simpler life is strengthening.  To me that means thinking about what matters, not spending money, not working on any  commercial ventures,  not using my beloved computer, turning off the cell phone,  connecting with friends, nature, my G-d. Create your own version, your life will improve.

Try to spend one day a week without traveling; turning on the tv, radio,  or computer.  Doing so  practices kindness for our planet.  Try it you might like it.

Signing off soon. Blog posts start again Monday.

For all you do to share and care, thank you.


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